Articles and Links

There are countless articles and sites to sort through when seeking to know more about the Gospel of Christ, the Grace of God and the teachings of Scripture; or even when looking for a local church on the web! Here are a few sites we have found helpful.

[Remember: the Bible alone is inspired & inerrant - these links are generally helpful but not infallible - nor do we control their content]

Who Made God? - Dedicated to answering unanswerable questions about God, science and the Bible, this is the official website of Professor Edgar Andrews, physicist and author. Check out his new book: Who made God? Searching for a theory of everything.

Evangelical Times - A monthly Christian newspaper; it has a good UK and worldwide church search engine, news and comment on the contemporary situation and generally helpful teaching. The archive search brings up articles on many subjects!

EP BOOKS - Publishing with a mission, EP produces and sells a great range of sound books and booklets; as well as supporting distinctively biblical gospel mission across the globe and in several languages. Bargains abound!

The Spurgeon Archive - Possibly the most fruitful preacher, teacher and writer in the English language - Charles Spurgeon's commentaries, daily devotions, sermons & articles are as helpful today as when first delivered. Well worth a look.

The European Missionary Fellowship (EMF) - Seeking to bring the Gospel to the nations of Europe, supporting the establishment of indigenous churches and training Christians to serve in these local congregations, the EMF is worthy of prayer and support.

Bible Gateway - Gives you online access to the text of just about about any Bible Version you could wish for.